The project has been designed and initiated in Fall 2005 by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society - KFOS, and has since then been implemented in partnership with the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation – KCSF.

Kosova Foundation for Open Society – KFOS

Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) is a local non-governmental organization, which is part of the international network of foundations supported by philanthropist George Soros.
KFOS sees its role as mobilizing and supporting Kosovars toward development of open society. It aims to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, progress toward EU integration, human rights with the special focus on minority rights and integration, and build sustainable civil society capable of outstanding research, analysis, and advocacy.

Kosovar Civil Society Foundation – KCSF

KCSF is an independent, non-profit organization focused in supporting local civil initiatives leading to a strong civil society movement that will promote a democratic culture and will be responsive to the socioeconomic needs of Kosova.

The European Integration perspective for Kosova has naturally brought to KCSF a strong focus into issues related to the EU’s framework for the Western Balkans known as the Stabilization and Association Process. Through the newly established European Integration Initiative (EII), KCSF is committed to support the EU integration process and contribute to make it work. The KCS’s European Integration Initiative is established as a response to the challenges arising from this process.

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