European Integration School (EIS)

Europian Integration School is a Project initiated in 2005 by Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) and implemented by Kosovo Foundation for Civil Society (KCSF). Its aim is to provide capacity building and accurate information on Europian Union and Kosovo’s Europian integration process to Kosovo society. 

Europian Integration School until now

So far, Europian Integration School has offered a specific program of education on the EU background, institutions, legal framework, policies and policy processes; on Europe as a global player and the future of the region vis-à-vis European integration process, with special emphasis on Kosovo-EU relations. The general objective of the School is the preparation of future leaders in understanding the challenges of the European Union. This objective was reached by improving the awareness and skills of the participants on European affairs and policies and their transfer in respective working environment.            

During seven years of its existence 14 groups attended the School (14 groups ( spring and autumn groups divided in three-month semesters) with a total of 820 graduated participants in various sectors, such as public administration, civil society, media, businesses, professional organizations, international organizations etc. This group of graduated participants presents a sound structure of people with whom further work can be done in improving their capacities to a more advanced level. Nevertheless, Kosovo still needs basic knowledge on European Union, the EU institutions and key policies regulating Kosovo-EU relations. Therefore, starting from September 2012 with the endeavor to respond to the needs of both groups, the EI School will provide a new series of workshops divided in two structured modules, namely the Basic and Advanced modul.

The goal

The overall goal of the “School for European Integration” (SEI) is to prepare the society of Kosovo to meet the challenges of European Integration. General aim of the school is to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of the population on European issues and to promote European values throughout the society. The main aim of the SEI is to bring together established and emerging leaders of Kosovo to learn about European Integration process and accordingly transfer the acquired knowledge into their working environment.


With the aim of preparing Kosovo for the process of European Integration and to provide its society with the necessary tools to understand and actively participate in the process, the “Kosovo School for European Integration” is established to fulfill the following objectives:

  • to promote ideas and values on which EU is based among Kosovo society;
  • to provide well organized and high quality education to both established and emerging community leaders, including public officials; NGO officials; entrepreneurs and others and enabling them to contribute to the process;
  • to create a network of community leaders empowered and prepared to assist Kosovo to meet the challenges of European integration;
  • to facilitate dialogue within the Kosovo community about how to better address the needs of region in relation to European integration and to increase the level of activism related to European integration processes;
  • to initiate cross-border dialogues with countries in the region (including Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, and Croatia) about regional issues and the possibilities for regional cooperation in working towards European integration.
  • to establish a network of graduated participants “alumni” from the “School for European Integration” who are capable and willing to work on issues related to European integration through follow-up activities.

What is special about the school?

Open Lectures. - In addition to regular lectures as foreseen by the study curricula, the school organizes the Open Lectures. To these lectures besides regular participants a wider audience is invited to attendance. The idea behind this is to bring key policy and decision makers in Kosovo and wider to present the factual and realistic picture of the situation primarily in the issues related to European agenda

Regional Conference. - Taking place in form of a regional conference, the curricula is enriched by a workshop focusing on the situation of South East Europe in the process of European integration. The goal of the two-day conference is to provide the participants with a better understanding of the enlargement process of the European Union and the experiences of the Western Balkan countries in the process of European Integration.

Seminar / Study Visit to Albania. - Towards the end of the course the school organizes a three day seminar on drafting public policy papers accompanied with a study visit in Albania which will focus specifically on applying the lessons learned. The study visit to the Albanian Ministry of European Integration, the Parliament and influential NGO’ and Think Tanks is an important learning occasion for participants. Albanian experience in EI gives a rich material to be considered and used in participants work.

What after the School?

The participants are expected to go back into their working and living environment and share the knowledge and the experience with their colleagues. The organizers strongly encourage the alumni to bring into their working environment the European dimension. Relevant ideas and initiatives are encouraged and donors are approached for follow-up, the support and guidance is offered for concrete projects.

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