What is the School?

The “School for European Integration” is a well established institution which offers a unique program for education on the idea, historical, political and economic characteristics of the EU, EU’s legislative framework, policies and policy processes of the EU, Europe as a global player and the prospect of the region and Kosovo for European Integration.

The overall goal of the “School for European Integration” (SEI) is to prepare the society of Kosovo to meet the challenges of European Integration. General aim of the school is to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of the population on European issues and to promote European values throughout the society. The main aim of the SEI is to bring together established and emerging leaders of Kosovo to learn about European Integration process and accordingly transfer the acquired knowledge into their working environment.

The school brings together in average 60 participants twice a week for a period of a semester. The sessions are held as two-hour seminars. Each lecture brings an interesting and important aspect of the European Integration process and is followed by discussion session. Lectures are in English and Albanian and simultaneous translation is provided. The School is organized in line with yearly academic program and following generations are organized in spring and autumn of each year.

To enrich the curricula the organizers of the school invite key decision and policy makers in Kosovo for an Open Lecture to present most up to date issues in the field of European Integration. Moreover, by mid of the program a regional conference is organized to share knowledge and acquaint participants with the experience of the countries in the region and learn from their path towards European Integration.

This project has started in 2005 and up to now 10 generations have been certified.


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