Curricula of the School

The need for basic and advanced knowledge on European integrations for various categories of people in Kosovo continues to be high. Despite lectures and trainings mainly organized on an ad hoc basis by various technical assistance projects, the necessity for a structured and continuous program such as the one the European Integration School provides remains essential. At the present time, but also in the near future, specific importance will be attached to specialized modules dedicated to targeted audience, which actually needs more in depth knowledge on a specific topic related to EU integration. Moreover, there will be the opportunity of module selection where participants consider they need more insight.  

With the assistance of local, regional and EU lecturers and experts as well as considering the groups’ heterogeneous work experience and that of the European integration capacity building modules, starting from September 2012 the School will commence with a new structured program providing  1 or 2 days workshops, whereby both graduates and new participants have the opportunity to  be enrolled.    

Starting from the September – December 2012 semester, the School will develop and provide basic and advanced workshops and it will also organize an annual conference. Basic workshops on EU will be open for all participants, while specific and advanced workshops will be open to School graduates and experts only. The annual conference will be held on invitation basis and it will be open for all those interested working in the relevant field.  

Similarly to the previous years the competition for application will start in August and January respectively. The selections and beginning of the Basic Module will commence in September (for the autumn group) and February (for the spring group).

For 2012, the School will announce an open competition for all interested candidates at the end of August and the application process will be administered online through official web site of the School. The applications will be made specifically for each and every module i.e. workshop.

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